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Periodontitis, commonly known as “pyorrhoea”, is caused when bacteria infect the gingival cracks around the teeth, creating pockets and destruction of the gum tissue and alveolar bone; if not diagnosed and treated it worsens, causing loss of teeth and the alveolar bone, making it difficult even to replace the lost teeth with implants.

Treat of Periodontitis

Periodontitis is curable even in the advanced stages; we propose first an oral hygiene intervention to remove the cause. In the second phase the intervention is surgical, with the aim of correcting gum and bone defects (pockets) caused by the disease.

Periodontitis Prevention

To avoid the occurrence of the disease, regular professional oral hygiene intervention is proposed, structured according to a personalised intervention plan developed following a check-up visit.


10 years since initial treatment the clinical situation has stabilised and there has been no further loss of supporting dental tissue (bone and gum).

Periodontitis has been identified as a contributing factor in increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and can lead to the birth of underweight infants. A preventive specialist consultation is strongly advised in order to avoid serious problems in future.

I sintomi

  • Gum infection
  • Loose teeth
  • Teeth falling out spontaneously
  • Recurring abscesses
  • Halitosis
  • Gum bleeding