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Dental implants

In case of Non-recoverable dental root or missing tooth.

Dental implants are titanium screws which, positioned in the alveolar bone, replace the roots of missing teeth and permit the anchorage of fixed prosthesis (bridges and crowns).

When to Use Dental Implants?

In cases where the roots of the teeth are no longer viable, it is possible to reconstruct the crown and avoid erosion of the adjacent teeth through the use of implants as anchors. By using the most recent implant technology and guided by the computer, the staff of Studio Calesini is capable of positioning the implants even in cases with very little residual bone.


Titanium pillars fixed to intraosseous implants.

Intra-oral post-operation view which shows crowns anchored to intraosseous implants.

Extra-oral post-operation view.

Implant Positioning Work in 1 Hour

TEETH-IN-AN-HOURTM is a new and revolutionary approach which allows us to provide patients with perfectly functioning teeth anchored to dental implants in only one procedure lasting about one hour.

The implant surgery, projected on the computer, is often carried out without any incision and therefore without suture, the temporary prosthesis is manufactured in our laboratory before the intervention and is applied at the end of the surgical session or, in some cases, the following morning.

This approach reduces the patient’s post-operation inconvenience to a minimum, allowing him/her to resume normal activities the day after the intervention.