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Gummy smile

Pleasing aesthetics are a result of the correct visibility of the teeth and gums when we smile. In some cases the gums are too long and therefore the teeth are covered, while in other cases (gingival recession, root exposure), the gums are too short and therefore the visible part of the tooth is too long.

Correction of Gummy Smile

To correct gummy smile we create the right balance of visibility between the gums and the teeth.

Our team uses the surgical techniques necessary to recover oral health and an aesthetically pleasing smile, both in cases in which they need to be prosthetically restored and for natural teeth which do not need prosthetic restoration.

Gummy smile aggravated by prosthetic crowns and incongruous fillings.

The result obtained with: mucogingival surgery, osteoplastic crowns and ceramic caps.


Alcune tipologie di interventi possibili

  • Gingival remodelling
  • Alveolar bone remodelling
  • Infiltration of botulinus
  • Internal labial remodelling
  • Gingival autografts (connective grafts)