Gnathology is a branch of dentistry.

It studies the physiology, pathology and function of the jaw that is, mastication, swallowing, phonation and postural balance. When the system is not balanced, the patient can develop various painful symptoms, such as muscular-tension headaches, temporo-mandibular joint pains, etc.

gnathological treatment

The treatment consists in recovering and stabilising the normal relationship between the jaw, the teeth, the two temporo-mandibular joints, the muscles which move the jaw and the nervous system which governs those muscles, including the tongue.

Our studio’s skills and over thirty years of experience, together with the multidisciplinary approach we adopt, allows us to resolve your problems brilliantly, rapidly alleviating the symptoms of occlusal dysfunction and the discomfort caused by them

Gnatholgy focus

  • Mastication
  • swallowing
  • phonation
  • postural balance