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Gnathology is the specialized branch of dentistry that studies and treats the masticatory (stomatognathic system) in all its anatomical and functional aspects.

What gnathology does

Gnathology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies and anomalies concerning:

Dental occlusion




Postural balance and their interactions.

The jaw is directly connected to the skull and indirectly to the cervical spine, thanks to the muscles.
Under normal physiological conditions, the jaw moves without overloading the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) structures and, indirectly, the cervical spine muscles.
For this correlation, TMJ should be considered a critical variables in treating the cervical spine.

Gnathological therapy

Gnathological therapy aims to rediscover and normalize the physiological relationships between:


The maxillary

The temporomandibular joints

The maxillary muscles

The nervous system that controls those muscles, including the tongue.

A correct dental occlusion will minimize stress on the teeth, periodontium, muscles, ligaments, and temporomandibular joints.
Solving the occlusal dysfunctions produced by malocclusions significantly improves patients’ quality of life.

The competence and over forty years of experience combined with the multidisciplinary approach adopted by us allow us to brilliantly solve the dysfunctional problems of the patient, quickly alleviating the symptoms related to the stomatognathic system.