Chirurgia Orale

Odontoiatria specialistica Roma

Oral surgery

Oral surgery includes the extraction of teeth, the positioning of dental fixtures, the surgical treatment of periodontitis, the correction of dysmorphic features such as “gummy smile” and irregular gum profiles, the correction of long teeth with exposed roots, and more generally all pre-prosthetic surgical procedures.

Pre-prosthetic surgery

Our studio specialises in pre-prosthetic surgical interventions necessary to improve the aesthetic or to heal and correct the anatomy of the dental support apparatus (alveolar bone and gum) damaged by periodontitis or dysmorphia; pre-prosthetic surgery improves the result and lifespan of prosthetic restoration and teeth thanks to the reconstruction of the ideal anatomical and aesthetic context.

Painless Oral Surgery

The experience and skills of the oral surgeon have a significant impact on the level of comfort for the patient during and after the operation.

Since 1979 we have been carrying out all necessary gingival and dental surgical treatments; our team approach to diagnosis and global dental treatment planning provides patients with the advantage of rapidly and effectively terminating the treatment cycle necessary to heal their mouths.

  • Hygiene conforms to the most rigorous hospital standards
  • staff trained in nursing science
  • doctor specialising in anaesthesia and resuscitation
  • surgical techniques we use are the most proven and least invasive