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Oral surgery

Oral surgery defines surgical procedures performed in or around the oral cavity. It includes a range of therapies ranging from the extraction of compromised teeth to the placement of dental implants.

These surgeries should be carried out by a specialist in oral surgery, in an organized dental practice, and using innovative techniques and latest-generation instruments.

Oral surgery deals with oral surgical procedures that include:

Wisdom teeth in total or partial bone inclusion.

Gingival grafts.

Gummy smile correction.

Treatment of periodontitis (surgical phase).

Maxillofacial surgery.

Correction of dysmorphia.

Apicoectomies and retrograde endodontic fillings.

Repair of the jaw and teeth after an injury.

Exposed root covers.

Pre-implant bone regeneration.

Placement of implants based on a prosthetic project.

Removal of poorly positioned implants or affected by irreversible infections (peri-implantitis).


Tooth loss is the leading cause of jawbone and gum tissue atrophy. Bone atrophy will be more marked in cases of traumatic loss, congenital agenesis, in cases of severe periodontal disease, or following the removal of neoformations. Often, these conditions determine the need to improve the local anatomical situation before proceeding with prosthetic procedures to favor the best resolution of the clinical case.

Pre-prosthetic oral surgery allows you to:

Improve dental aesthetics.

Restore and correct the anatomy of the supporting apparatus of the teeth (alveolar bone and gums) damaged by periodontitis or dysmorphia.

The ideally restored anatomical context improves prosthetic restorations and dentition's aesthetic result and durability.

Since 1979, the Calesini dental clinic has been carrying out dental and gingival surgery treatments by applying a multidisciplinary approach functional to the formulation of an accurate diagnosis and, at the same time, oriented to the planning of a global dental treatment and personalized to the needs of the individual patient.

This approach allows patients to quickly and decisively end the cycle of therapies necessary to restore their oral health, both functional and aesthetic.

Studio Calesini specializes in oral and pre-prosthetic surgery, provides patients with cutting-edge equipment, and employs a surgical team updated on methods and techniques that offer the best therapeutic results today.

Following the specialist’s instructions in the pre-operative and post-operative phases is essential to obtain the best final results.

It is recommended to stop, or drastically limit, smoking or drinking alcohol after oral surgery, as these habits can slow down and negatively affect the healing process.

The experience and expertise of Dr. Gaetano Calesini, who plans the interventions and leads the operating team, significantly impact the dental intervention’s success and the intra and post-operative comfort aimed at the patient’s well-being.