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Studio Calesini is located in Via della Croce 77 in the historical, commercial, and administrative center of Rome, a stone’s throw from the Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and Piazza del Parlamento, in the heart of the Capitoline shopping.

The studio is located in a pedestrian area of extraordinary beauty from which the most important archaeological and museum sites and the major art galleries of Rome are easily reachable on foot.

The firm, founded in 1979, was active in the office in Via Frattina from 1983 to 2012 and has been operating since November 2012 in the new office in Via della Croce 77.

It is easily accessible by car, taxi, metro or bus. Our executive assistant will be able to recommend to patients not resident in Rome a series of hotels in the historic center near the Studio.

Where are we:
Address: Via della Croce, 77, 00187, Rome, Italy
Phone: 06.6792901 or 06.6784921
Whatsapp: +393420922861

Monday from 14.00 to 20.00,
Tuesday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00.

How to reach us:
Where to park your car: The studio is served by two large parking lots five minutes away on foot. Parking Villa Borghese (Viale del Galoppatoio, 33), Parking Ludovisi (Via Ludovisi, 60)

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The cost estimate and the related treatment modalities will be carefully exposed after the collection of clinical data and the formulation of the treatment plan before starting any course of therapy.
The fees in our practice are based on the competence, experience, and time needed to solve your dental problems in a brilliant and lasting way.
We accept credit cards, debit cards, bank checks, cashier’s checks, bank transfers, or cash within the limits imposed by law.
Although we are not directly affiliated with any insurance company, we will do everything to help you get the maximum benefit from your insurance policy.
Our executive assistants will be available to your insurance advisors for any necessary advice.
For each visit, we will provide you with a complete medical certificate to be attached to your handbook.
When necessary, we will compile a rough estimate of the reimbursement obtainable for you. You will understand that since each insurance company and entity has different policies and rules, we cannot estimate the amount of refund that can be obtained.

The nature of our services requires that each patient has time dedicated exclusively to your treatment. If you cannot meet a scheduled appointment, the cancellation should be made 48 hours before. This will allow you to use the time available to help another patient.

We have developed a personalized schedule of appointments outside the hours and days of regular activity. This possibility is dedicated to people with particularly pressing professional commitments who usually live abroad or who, in any case, wish to maintain absolute privacy.

In these cases, the entire practice treats dental problems in a single patient.
If this is the right option for you, talk to the executive assistant, Emiliana De Carlo, who will provide you with the relevant information.

If you have an urgent problem, please call the studio early in the morning, allowing the executive assistant to arrange a quick visit.