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Fixed dental prosthesis

Dental prostheses are medical devices used to restore teeth compromised by disease or trauma and to correct functional and aesthetic abnormalities related to the shape, color, or position of natural teeth. They are carried out by a licensed dental technician under the guidance and responsibility of a dentist.

The fixed dental prosthesis has a supporting structure and the aesthetic ceramic coating cemented on properly prepared natural teeth or osseointegrated implants. The fixed denture replaces damaged or missing teeth irremovably.

Dental impression

Many patients do not like the impression detection phase, as they consider it uncomfortable. The fingerprint is less annoying and less invasive. This technology can now create a fixed dental prosthesis in most clinical situations.


Specialist in dental prosthetics in the historic center of Rome

Specialist in dental prosthetics in the historic center of Rome
There is no single material that can be used in all clinical situations. About the individual clinical situation, molten ceramic can be used on gold alloy or cobalt-chrome structures or, when indicated, prostheses with zirconia oxide structures that replace the use of metal structures. It is indicated to use integral ceramics to build veneers, single crowns, and small bridges. Today, by choosing among the materials available, it is possible to obtain incredibly natural aesthetic results.

Of course, prosthetic devices, like natural teeth, can also undergo minor fractures or wear and tear that require maintenance. To guarantee patients, the Calesini practice issues, in addition to the certificate of conformity, a specific guarantee of prosthetic restoration extended to 5 years. In Studio Calesini, you will find one of the best prosthetic teams operating in Europe today.

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