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Removable total denture

Removable dentures (dentures)

The removable total dental prosthesis represents the only possibility of treatment in clinical situations where the patient is edentulous or with the residual teeth not recoverable and cannot, or does not want, to resort to osseointegrated implants available today.

These devices are designed to be removable without the assistance of a dentist.

The process of creating the prostheses begins with a first diagnostic visit that allows the evaluation of the clinical situation of the patient’s mouth and during which the preliminary impressions will be taken.

These will then be developed in the laboratory, and the prosthetic device will be produced.

The process of building the prosthesis will require several operational visits in which the dentist will identify the shape, color, and position of the teeth about the face, phonetics, and character of the patient.

After the installation of the prosthetic device, it is possible that the patient feels a certain discomfort that could last for a few weeks until it disappears completely; in other words, the first weeks constitute the standard period of adaptation to the new prosthetic device.

Removable total dentures are an excellent and cost-effective treatment option for patients who require replacement of all teeth in the upper and lower arch of the mouth. The removable total dental prosthesis restores excellent aesthetics by improving masticatory and phonetic functions. To guarantee patients, the Calesini study issues, in addition to the certificate of conformity, a specific warranty of the prosthesis extended to 5 years. In Studio Calesini, you will find one of the best prosthetic teams operating in Europe today.