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Dental prosthesis

Dental prostheses are medical devices that permanently or removably replace damaged or missing teeth.

These devices are made by a licensed dental technician on prescription and under the guidance and responsibility of a dentist.

Dental prostheses can correct functional and aesthetic abnormalities in natural teeth’ shape, color, and position and replace missing teeth.


Essential characteristics of a prosthetic device

Among the essential features of a dental prosthesis, we remember:

Functionality: the device must restore efficient chewing, joint functions (opening, closing, right-left laterality, protrusion-retrusion), correct phonetics, and impeccable aesthetics.

Precision: the device must be exact and harmonious with the patient's anatomy to protect the residual structures (teeth, alveolar bone, and gums)

Resistance: the device, to withstand high chewing loads, wear, and aggression of oral liquids, must be built with the highest quality materials.

Harmlessness: the device must be made of non-toxic materials with shapes and contours that do not damage the delicate intra and peri-oral tissues.

Aesthetics: artificial teeth must be consistent with natural ones to blend perfectly with the patient's face and somatic characteristics.

The device must be constructed using precision techniques and instruments associated with magnification systems and operator microscopes.

Specialist dentistry since 1979

Each patient has different anatomical, biological, and psychological variables that make him unique; even the Calesini Specialized Dentistry practice is almost unique in the general panorama.

Dr. Calesini, who graduated in dental technology, has maintained supervision during the manufacture of prosthetic devices over the years by personally intervening in some laboratory phases.

Over four decades, our staff has helped thousands of patients recover oral health and self-esteem. After the specialist visit, the clinical analysis, and the evaluation of instrumental and radiographic data, we will be able to formulate for you:

A correct diagnosis about your particular clinical situation.

Explain satisfactorily every problem of oral health and dental aesthetics in your mouth.

Formulate a treatment plan that meets your needs and specific expectations.