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Specialist examination and diagnosis

The most important characteristic among those that distinguish the quality of a clinician is the diagnostic capacity. Only a correct diagnosis in all branches of medicine makes it possible to plan an effective and genuinely decisive therapy. In medicine and dentistry, diagnostic capacity means the analytical methodology that allows the specialist to recognize and identify the location and nature of a morbid condition through clinical examination of the patient, laboratory research, and instrumental examinations. The diagnostic path, carried out by the dentist on each patient to formulate a correct diagnosis, is developed in several phases:

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accurately collecting the patient's medical history helps the specialist to direct the diagnosis.

Observation of symptoms:

the physician must first distinguish the essential symptoms from those of secondary importance and establish which signs of the morbid state are primitive and which should be considered as a consequence of the former.

Instrumental examinations:

two- and three-dimensional radiographs; analysis of mandibular kinematics; the examination of articulator-oriented models.


after clarifying the correlation relationships between the different symptoms, the specialist must formulate the diagnosis that will influence the subsequent therapy.

The specialist will formulate the diagnosis and the corresponding treatment plan only after evaluating the symptomatic complexes, the results of the various clinical examinations, and the instrumental examinations.

What are dental diagnostics used for?

An accurate and complete dental examination allows one to highlight all the problems in the oral cavity, whether in the active or latent phase. It is essential for correctly elaborating the personalized care plan. Through the evaluation of the various symptoms and clinical signs presented by the patient, the specialist identifies the pathology to be treated.

One treatment plan will never be the same as another; every patient and every single dental problem is different. You can only start a treatment based on a generic or even an accurate initial diagnosis. Studio Calesini has the best diagnostic instruments of the latest generation that complete and enhance clinical skills based on the knowledge and experience of our staff.