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MTM Approach

Advanced implant prostheses since 1979

A dentist specializing in treating complex clinical cases that contemplate the application of dental prostheses and implantology operations in Rome, Dr. Gaetano Calesini has gained experience and professionalism that have awarded him an excellent role in the international dental scene.
The Calesini dental clinic, a few steps from Piazza di Spagna, boasts a specialized medical team qualified to use instrumental techniques and cutting-edge technologies in today’s implant-prosthetic field.
The methodological philosophy of the Calesini dental practice is detached from economic prerogatives since it aims to satisfy demanding patients with great aesthetic expectations.

If you are looking for:

A less invasive and safer treatment approach

The best aesthetic and functional result possible today

A prestigious studio in the center of Rome

An attentive, prepared, and experienced team

The dental practice of Dr. Calesini will be at your complete disposal in elaborating an accurate clinical diagnosis aimed at structuring ad hoc dental care for the patient.
Excellence does not present contraindications but solutions of care.

Discover our approach

Flexible appointments

It is possible to book outside working hours to benefit patients who wish to preserve their privacy or require special sessions due to professional commitments or similar causes.

Clarity and precision

Before starting any treatment, the medical team is prepared to conduct a complete diagnostic visit to determine a detailed treatment to which a cost estimate will correspond to provide the patient with a precise overview of the dental care he will have to face.

State-of-the-art technologies and techniques

The Calesini dental practice can use today’s most advanced technologies, such as digital radiographs, 3D cone beam radiographs, laser and radiofrequency scalpels, and fingerprints.

Not just a dental practice but the center of the dental avant-garde of Rome. Studio Calesini is the dental practice of excellence for those who have chosen to care for their oral hygiene without hesitation.

If these situations are present

In dentistry, time is a precious resource; for this reason, it is essential to intervene promptly in dental health.
At the onset of the first symptoms, it is advisable to seek the advice of a specialized dentist to avoid the potential aggravation of existing pathologies. The progressive degeneration of these implies the need to implement more invasive and less effective treatments.

For a decisive intervention that respects the canons of quality and safety, it is contraindicated to postpone the qualified consultation in a dental practice.

Why rely on the professionalism of Dr. Gaetano Calesini?

With over 40 years of clinical experience, he has developed a prestigious implant-prosthetic approach, allowing him to obtain difficult results with other techniques.

The staff of the Calesini dental clinic boasts advanced training in prosthetics, aesthetics, restorative, sedation, and implantology.

The dental team is qualified to implement deep sedation techniques designed to guarantee the patient maximum comfort in the pre and post-phases of the treatment.

Dr. Gaetano Calesini is currently considered internationally one of the leading specialists in implant prosthetics.

The modus operandi of Studio Calesini is oriented to satisfy, through prestigious services, the expectations of its patients.

For over 40 years, Calesini dental practice has been using cutting-edge technologies in dental implant prosthetics through clinical methods acquired from and proposed to the international scientific community.

Prestige is of immeasurable value when it comes to dental health. For this reason, Dr. Gaetano Calesini works to provide the best aesthetic and biological results to demanding patients or patients with complex disorders.

Calesini dental practice aims to obtain successful aesthetic and implantological results to guarantee its customers an excellent and long-lasting quality of life.

Reviewing a preventive, diagnostic examination designed to evaluate the individual specific case, the specialized dentist can elaborate a treatment plan appropriate to the patient’s needs.
The dental practice team is an expert in clinically resolving very complex cases.

Relying on the experience of Dr. Gaetano Calesini guarantees concrete solutions to your oral health.


The first step starts now.

During a first medical consultation by the dentist, the Calesini Studio team will be ready to:

Listen and evaluate the clinical history in its singularity.

Given an accurate diagnostic judgment, study the possible therapeutic routes applicable.

Develop a personalized treatment plan.

At the end of the visit, the patient can take advantage of a detailed treatment plan attached to the relative cost estimate inherent in resolving dental problems on which to intervene.

Dr. Gaetano Calesini’s professional history began at 16 when he worked as a dental technician.
The vocation gave way to professional ambition, which led the dentist to undertake a training course in Dentistry and Prosthetics at the University of Rome, which destined him to be the acclaimed author of numerous scientific papers in international journals, as well as a member of scientific committees of various specialized journals.

He co-authors the books “Oral Implantology” and “Implantoprotesi. The restoration of oral homeostasis through single restorations” for Edizioni Martina Bologna.
He recently published a new text entitled “Biomimetic Implantology: Morphogenic Tissue Management” for Quintessence Publishing.

Throughout his professional career, dr. Since the end of the 1970s, Calesini has been awarded as a university professor and a speaker at over 1000 international conferences in Europe, the U.S.A., Asia, and the Middle East.

Former president of the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry, Gaetano Calesini, is an active member of the most important international scientific societies. Since the beginning of his specialist activity, he has practiced prosthetic dentistry operations using a multidisciplinary approach to solve particularly complex cases.

He works as a freelancer in Rome, a few steps from the Spanish Steps, coordinating a team of specialists.