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Dental inlays

Dental inlays

Dental inlay is a dental device to restore lost or damaged dental tissue.

In detail, the dental inlay is a reconstruction that replaces the part of dental tissue whose loss is derived from carious lesions, a traumatic event, or genetic malformations.

Dental inlay is an intervention to restore teeth with cavities too large to be subjected to a direct filling by the dentist but not so extensive as to resort to a complete covering of the tooth (prosthetic crown).

Second appointment

The procedures necessary to make the dental inlay are painless. The conservative dentistry techniques used by our specialists allow us to restore the masticatory and aesthetic function of one or more teeth safely and painlessly through only two operational appointments.

Pre-operative situation

Due to old fillings now inappropriate, the first right upper molar has undergone a fracture, while the second premolar and the second molar show recurrent caries.

Post-operative situation

The timely diagnosis allowed the recovery of two molars, reconstructed with porcelain inlays, while the second premolar was restored through a direct aesthetic filling.

How is an aesthetic inlay made?

First appointment

Analysis and correction of incorrect hygiene and eating habits that caused the formation of caries

In-depth diagnosis of caries progression

Definition of the most suitable individual intervention plan to create an aesthetic inlay

Removal of carious and infected tissue by air abrasion or electric micro-motors

Chemical preparation of the tooth

Fingerprint detection (conventional or digital)

Placement of temporary protection on the prepared tooth

Second appointment

Removal of temporary protection, cleansing, and disinfection of the tooth

Adhesive cementation of ceramic inlay

Functional control, finishing, and polishing

Using ceramic inlays, you can restore teeth’ function and aesthetics, particularly those devastated by caries, using conservative procedures that guarantee reliable results over time.

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